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polyester composite strapping suppliers Lifting belt common sense how much do you know

First of all, what is the lifting belt? Lifting belt is not difficult to understand from the literal meaning of lifting and loading lifting equipment, generally made of industrial silk, with wear resistance, high strength, oxidation resistance, UV resistance, soft material, no electricity, no electricity, relatively light weight metal rigging and many other characteristics are widely used in various fields, such as ports, container turnover stations, power plants, chemical plants, ports, shipyards and so on. The following is a detailed description of the type, process and material of hoisting belts according to the execution standards of hoisting belts.


Two, hoisting with common sense

1. Type and material of hoisting belt polyester composite strapping suppliers

Hoisting belts can be divided into four types from the appearance: ring through core, ring flat, binocular through core, and ring flat. From the raw material is divided into polyester (PES polyester), polypropylene (PP polypropylene), cotton (PA polyamide), Dyneema polyethylene (Dyneema polyethylene) these 4 common materials. From the production process, it can be divided into flat lifting belt and flexible lifting belt,

2. Color identification tonnage polyester composite strapping suppliers

Lifting belt can identify tonnage according to color, 1 ton (purple) 2 tons (green) 3 tons (yellow) 4 tons (gray) 5 tons (red) 6 tons (brown) 8 tons (blue) 10 tons (orange) polyester composite strapping suppliers

3. Components

Hoisting belt is mainly composed of closed surface, ring eye (soft ring eye), end accessories (main chain ring).

4. Common terms

Flat hoisting belt, multi-layer hoisting belt, suture, ring hole, main chain link, nominal length, effective working length, ultimate working load, mode coefficient, failure, inspection personnel, breaking force, bearing core.

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