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composite strap manufacturers:Pickling belt performance sewing technology contributed

There are many kinds of production processes of pickling lifting belts, such as sizing, textile, dyeing, cutting, sewing, trimming and packaging. One of the most important processes is the sewing process of lifting belts. The reason why this link is particularly important is that this link directly affects the tension of the sling, and this link is uncontrollable, completely depends on the sewing skills of the skilled workers, like the standard is dead, but the workers’ techniques are different.composite strap manufacturers


composite strap manufacturers The key in sewing is the material of thread and suture line. The material of suture line is generally the same as the original material of pickling lifting belt, and it must be processed by automatic sewing machine, but some large tonnage lifting belt still needs manual sewing. Unless the hoisting belt is surveyed, the stitching should not affect the edge of the webbing. Suture can be used with different colors of the lifting belt suture, in order to facilitate the manufacturer and users for inspection and acceptance. When stitching the suture line of pickling hoisting belt, the stitches should pass through the part of the sling that needs to be stitched together, and the stitched stitches must be smooth and smooth. After stitching, there should be no excess coil on the surface. The sewn belt must have a smooth surface and a straight strap. There is no loose line, difference line, jump line, belt edge fine, hook edge without wool, sub-separate line to be clear. In order to prevent the fracture of the sling from spreading, the fracture should be heated without damaging the adjacent pins. The fracture of heat treatment should not be sutured.composite strap manufacturers

The above is the details of the sewing process of pickling lifting belt. It can be seen that the sewing line is not randomly achieved by every manufacturer. It needs to invest a lot of money to train sewing technicians, which is also the reason for the difference in product quality made by lifting belt manufacturers.

Post time: Dec-14-2022